Cali Crusher Review

cali-crusher-reviewCost-effectiveness is a huge selling point when it comes to Cali-brand grinders. It’s not “cheap” as in “low-grade”, but instead “affordable” as in “you’re getting a huge bargain to be able to buy this valuable piece of equipment for this price”. What’s the catch? There is none. You will get what you pay for and then some.

What’s more, Cali Crusher is the weed grinder you buy if you want to impress your buddies. It’s an excellent grinding apparatus for weed, but it also covers other herbs and organic material such as leaves. Cali is a designer weed grinder that allows you to grind in style. What this means is that grinding becomes more fun (because it’s so easy) and less of a chore when using this grinder.


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Cali is a designer herb grinder; that’s how the brand is marketed, anyway. Like certain other brands, it has custom styles and colors as well as sizes and designs available. With that said, it’s not all for show. There’s some practicality included in how these crushers are designed, particularly with their clear tops that allow you to see the grinding process in action.

Cali Crusher has loads of cool features included with it.  This makes the Crusher head above heels better than its competition by default. No other grinder can recreate the near perfect precision and consistency of this particular grinder.


People have noted that the grinding chamber’s teeth aren’t sharp enough that there are times when bud residue is left inside it, making cleanup a bit of an issue. It’s not that big of a deal and the teeth do last long enough, but the facts that there are complaints and that people are dissatisfied in regards to the products’ longevity should be taken into consideration before you buy this grinder.

Indeed, Cali Crusher has had complaints in regards to the sharpness of its grinding teeth for the long term. You should also make sure you’re getting the genuine Cali article before buying one so that you won’t be duped in purchasing a fake. Granted, it’s still durable, strong, and light because it’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum, but the blades can be a deal breaker for some.



Here’s the deal when it comes to the teeth. As long as you take good care of them and clean out the grinder after every use since the resin and leaf residue won’t clean themselves, you should be fine with the diamond-style teeth that can cut through herbs like hot knives through butter.

Also, don’t forget to replace the 4-piece pollen screens to avoid pollen contamination on your grinded weed. Like any other blade out there, the teeth will dull out eventually, but you can extend their lives by taking care of them and not letting the grinding particles harden in the mechanism. Thankfully, the Cali-Crusher just happens to be easy to clean, plus it even has a mechanical hand crank in case you want to make the grinding even more convenient than usual.

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