Chromium Crusher Review

chromium-crusher-reviewThe tricky thing about choosing the best weed grinder is that they all have very similar selling points. Many of them are affordable. Many of them claim to do heavy duty work. But not all of them could have both of these qualities, or else you can probably choose grinders without sparing a second glance at the brand.


With that said, the main Chromium Crusher advantage is its durability. It can crush loads of weed leaves and sticky trichomes (or perhaps some other herbs you want to make a potpourri out of) regularly without its blades and teeth losing their bite. It produces an even consistency on its crushed weed that’s sticky where you need it. If you want to know more about this grinder and why it deserves a spot among the best crushers in the market, keep on reading.



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This crusher grinder is durable because it’s made of top notch metallic alloy that’s heavy and industrial grade. The grinder was also manufactured using a state-of-the-art computerized process that makes sure human error won’t figure into the equation, thus avoiding manufacturing flaws. It’s O-ring is even made of Teflon for zero-stick smoothness.

In a nutshell, the advantages of the Chromium Crusher include it having multiple functions, diamond swirl teeth, and toughness that adds value to your investment rather than detracts from it. You will experience smoothness of operation from the Chromium for many years to come because it’s that easy to maintain and clean. What’s more, the diamond swirl teeth really get the job done when it comes to grinding your green herbs and resinous trichomes to smokable hash every time.



You should watch out for Chromium fakes. It’s these low-grade and cheap grinders that sully the good name of the brand. These knockoffs claim to be Chromium or at least pretend to be (with the old trick of having a similar name, like “Chrome Crusher” or “Chromium Grinder” on its lid). Make sure you have the genuine article.


Indeed, the main drawback of the Chromium Crusher isn’t really even its fault. As for the actual grinder itself and the possible flaws it may have involves its manufacturing. Some shards of metal might be included with the machine from the edges of its screen when it was set. Thus, give it a good clean so that you won’t get any of the debris and contaminants in your first grinding session with the crushing tool.



The fully functional Crusher from Chromium is a great herb grinder deal in more ways than one. You can depend on it for many years of smooth, non-stick operation thanks to its heavy metal construction that’s in many ways better than the pure aluminum grinder competition it has. You’ll have to exert a concerted effort to actually damage this equipment, in fact. That’s the lowdown on the Chromium Crusher. It’s a tough and good-looking grinder that combines form and function together to bring you quality herb crushing, grinding, and mulching action every time. Thanks to its 54 razor-sharp teeth in a swirl pattern, you will get consistently sticky hash out of this machine that smokes great on a joint or in your bong. You can even use it on your vaporizer, if you wish.

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