Cosmic Case Review

cosmic-case-reviewAs one of the best high-end grinders out there, few people can deny the quality of this accessory, especially when you take a look at its specs. It’s full of premium features that make it one of the best herb grinders on the market at present.


To be more specific, it easily grinds weed with precision razor teeth that actually last for a long time. If you want quality weed grinders with dependable results, then go the Cosmic Case route. No matter how sticky your buds are, it can grind them all up with amazing effectiveness. You won’t end up with hash that’s unevenly shredded or ineffective when smoked. You instead have an easy-on-your-wrist grinder (for you information, some grinders can take a toll on the wrist) with a Delrin plastic glide ring that stabilizes the entire machine.


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This piece of weed-grinding equipment is blessed with magnetic lids, which is great because cheaper grinders with not-so-dependable lids tend to spill its contents all over the floor or your counter if you’re not careful.


Furthermore, this is an accessory that’s made to grind resinous weed since this is not a job your blender should be doing. These are just some of the attributes that set the Cosmic Case apart from others. It’s a grinder with a tensile strength of over 42,000 PSI and is made of the finest 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, which means you can expect corrosion-free operation from it for a long, long time without worrying about weed grinding wear-and-tear. It was made in Southern California by makers with over sixty years of service in the metal industry.



There are little to no complaints to be had when it comes to this product. It’s an accessory that holds up well, is as tough as they come, and most of the feedback for it is positive. No one is complaining that it’s overpriced or its magnetic lids aren’t that good at their job in keeping the grinded weed in during the grinding operation. That’s what you can expect out of the Cosmic Case grinder. It also features American-quality workmanship in that it was not manufactured by children in China but instead all made in the USA by qualified and expert workers. This ensures that you can buy it guilt-free while supporting stateside products at the same time. If you yourself have issues with the grinder, feel free to give your feedback to the makers.



You will not grind your teeth in frustration when using the Cosmic-Case Grinder. While it doesn’t exactly bring anything new to the table (loads of grinders are made of aluminum, have magnetic lock lids, and have razor sharp teeth for grinding even the most resinous of buds), it still keeps with the high standards of the market, making it a decent buy unless you want to buy something more expensive for some extra features you may or may not need. It uses the strongest neodymium earth magnets for their intended purpose of better grinder containment and the glide ring offers more control and less wrist stress all-in-all. In short, this is a worthy purchase that will let you party like a rock star with the most finely grinded hash you could get your hands on.

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