Kannastor Review

 kannastor-grinder-reviewWeed grinders should be all about ease of use. You don’t want the process of grinding up weed so that they’d be more potent when smoked or turned into hash turn into something as seemingly complex as rocket science, after all. If you want a high-quality four-piece herb grinder that’s easy to clean, look no further than Kannastor.


Kannastor-grinders aren’t only easily maintainable; they also come with warranties that ensure you won’t get the short end of the stick when it comes to a long-lasting device. A weed grinder shouldn’t have you end up with a non-working piece of junk four to six months after regular use. You deserve something that lasts and something that’s worth the money you bought it with. If there are any malfunctions or defects with your grinder-from-Kannastor, then you can return it for a new one.



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Grinders of this brand have clear tops and sides, allowing you to see the grinding process up close and personal. Also, unlike other more generic grinders, this one sports removable pollen screens that make screen replacement and cleaning a breeze.


Grinding weed has many complications that make it a nightmare to grind in a blender. That’s what makes Kannastor grinders stand out. It’s precision engineered to make the act of grinding weed a breeze, avoiding pitfalls like pollen and resin sticking to the grinding teeth, making the equipment hard to clean and easy to break after continuous usage. No longer will you have to fear your screen and your grinder becoming an unusable sticky nightmare of sorts. You can replace the screen for a dollar and you’re good to go.



Some people complain about how tough it is to change the replacement screens when they’re supposed to be one of the main selling points of the Kannastor-grinder. You might need a technician or a Kannastor-representative to help you out with the swapping of an old screen with a new one.


On the plus side, changing screens isn’t something you need to do on a regular basis. Other than that, there’s not much to complain about Kannastor. Sure, for every replacement, you have to pay a dollar for it, but when everything is said and done, the fact that you can replace screens adds all the more value to this quality grinder that has a unique design and will provide to you exactly what you paid for, no more and no less.



The Kannastor-grinder makes grinding smooth because it’s designed to make it smooth. It has anti-stick surfaces that enable easy cleaning no matter what resinous strain of cannabis you want grinded. With that said, you get what you pay for when it comes to this grinder. If you wish for additional offerings that will give you more bang for your buck, there are several other more expensive grinders out there you can try out. For what it offers, the Kannastor-grinder delivers the goods and gives as much value to your investment as its price point allows, with a clear top and sides that makes the grinding process more transparent as it happens and a screen guard that reduces kief screen stress. What more can you ask for?

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