Mendo Mulcher Review

mendo-mulcher-reviewCalifornia’s Mendo is the name to remember when it comes to an affordable grinder brand that can keep up with its more expensive counterparts without being expensive itself. The Californian best grinder is a long-time favorite because it has more teeth and grinding power than many of its peers on the market at present.


Mendo Mulcher gets its name for being famous in California’s Mendocino County as a quality bud grinder. It also lives up to its reputation as a great grinder when it comes to making consistent mulch out of the weed it’s supposed to grind. The resulting grind it offers has great consistency, just enough stickiness, and undeniable potency. Grinded weed through this mulcher is ensured to be great for vaporizing or smoking. Your ground-up herbs is also guaranteed pollen-free to boot.


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Many competing weed grinders focus more on toughness and longevity, but not enough on smooth grinding operation. Mendo is able to rise above the rest by doing things differently, starting with an increased focus on grinding quality. For example, it has almost twice the number of teeth found in the average grinder, thus ensuring a quality hash and mulch when all is said and done.


The main reason why people love Mendo Mulcher is its 88 multiple serrated and sharp teeth. Many other grinders only have about 50-something teeth instead. It’s these shark-like, multiple rows of slightly angled teeth that shred through the bud with blender consistency, but does so with more consideration to what it’s shredding so that you don’t end up with an unusable hash smooth full of pollen contaminants and whatnot.



What drawbacks could people possibly complain about in one of the most powerful grinders around that maximizes kief production and minimizes resin build at the same time? It’s a seeming flaw in its design that people believe as the Mendo’s weak point.

People mostly complain about how the second teeth piece screws into the inside of the third piece, which is where the grounds are stored in the Mendo Mulcher. This design flaw forces you to take off the lid in order to get your ground buds out of the grinder, which isn’t something you need to do with other grinders. On the plus side, it’s a lot more compact than the average grinder as well, in fairness. At any rate, all the other aspects of the mulcher is quite positive, like the fact it’s made of all sorts of quality materials by precision machines.




Aside from the kerfuffle in regards to its teeth placement, you can always depend on this mulcher to get the job done. The Mendo has a fair price, magnetic lids with a good grip pattern, precision manufacturing with high-grade heavy aluminum that makes it more durable than the average grinder, and numerous teeth (about 88 of them) to ensure that you’re getting the most value out of your investment. It’s for all these reasons and more that it’s been considered a top-grade classic grinder for many years in the past and for many years to come. Once you go Mendo, you’ll never come back because its mulch consistency is that incomparable to the herb grinding done by products with far fewer teeth to work with. It’s an almost unfair comparison, to be honest.

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