Santa Cruz Shredder Review

santa-cruz-shredder-reviewThe Santa Cruz Shredder is an impressive marijuana grinder that produces very little waste and is super easy to clean. It’s always a favorite at parties due to its stunning design and range of awesome colors. It’s got a 7 catch thread system, which basically stops the threads getting damaged, so even after a lot of use, the grinding motion on this best herb grinder will still be really smooth and just feel nice.

It’s also got a nice blue anodized coating which gives it extra protection from scratches and damage. It’ll look brand new even after you’ve smoked thousands of joints with it! It’s quite small at only 2 and a bit inches, but if you’re wanting a slightly smaller, more compact grinder that you can still pack a nice load of bud in then the santa cruz is a good choice for that.


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Really solid aluminum coating keeps the santa cruz protected from damage for a long time. It doesn’t chip easily. If you want a super clean grinder what you can do is boil it in some spirits and it’ll come up like brand new.

The kief screen is incredibly fine and only lets the crystals pass through, so you’re guaranteed some nice kief when it’s time to roll up that awesome kief joint.

The teeth on the santa cruz shredder are VERY sharp, probably why it’s called the shredder after all! Because it’s so sharp it’ll actually grind up the stock too as well as the herb. Always nice to get that little bit extra stock ground up, for that extra bit of thc.

It’s got a really strong magnet, so you won’t have any accidental spills with the santa cruz.



I found after  a while that the really sticky buds started to get caught up in between the teeth and the lid. Make sure you don’t turn the grinder upside down because the sticky buds will get caught inbetween the lid and it’ll make the grinding action a bit rough. Although if this does happen you can just use some ethanol to clean it up like new.



Overall I’m really impressed with this grinder. It’s a joy to grind with. It has such a smooth grinding motion you’ll be volunteering to roll all the joints at a party if you own this baby. The kief collection you get from this herb grinder will have you building more super strong kief joints than ever before. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose your favorite by having a look through the different options. I think the purple and the blue santa cruz grinders are the coolest.

If you’re looking for a really nice looking weed grinder that produces a superior quality grind for your sticky buds, then look no further than the Santa Cruz Shredder. Happy Smoking!

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