SharpStone Review

sharpstone-grinder-reviewSharp Stone is one of the best weed grinders because it goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to weed grinding. While other grinders are content to having an aluminum base, powerful grinding teeth, and a magnetic lid, Sharpe Stone adds many other options in the mix.


SharpStone grinders offer a lot of size options and style customization choices, so if you’re into that, then this is the brand to beat. It covers all the standards of a topnotch grinder with a reasonable price and adds a little panache to everything by giving you design options that add to your herbal grinding experience, from color customizations to hand crank operation. You could say that this is the brand you can turn to when it comes to combining style with substance.




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There are four different styles to expect when it comes to Sharp Stone, which includes the five piece, four piece, three piece, and two piece options. You can also get a variety of colors for your grinder, which includes red, purple, pink, gray, black, silver, green, and brown. Customization is the main SharpStone forte as well. They all come to you at no extra cost, at that. It could quite possibly be the best herb grinder for the price.


What’s more, it comes with quality materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum, neodymium magnetic lids, and stainless steel pollen screens to keep your final weed product grinded to perfection with no contaminants or extra material that could affect its potency. Its finish is even anodized to make cleaning a breeze instead of a sticky, resinous nightmare that ruins your grinder more often than not.



There aren’t many cons to be had from Sharp Stone. It has drawbacks nonetheless. For example, after three to five years, the Sharp Stone grinder’s teeth tend to become dull. However, in light of its value and cost-effectiveness, many people see it as a fair trade-off. You can buy a new grinder after the teeth has dulled or get replacements for your existing Sharp Stone.


Aside from customization and affordability, SharpStone becomes a generic brand. It has all the same features as many of its competition, save of course for its price point and its teeth sharpness after a certain period. Regardless, this much remains true: You will get your money’s worth every time. Even in light of these drawbacks, Sharp Stone remains one of the top affordable grinders out there.



As for the lowdown on the Sharp Stone, it’s a worthwhile buy as a temp grinder or even an occasional grinder. Statistics show that only a small percentage of weed users are heavy users, and many of them either buy their hash or prepared marijuana from dealers rather than grow or make their own. For those who do, Sharp Stone should last a lot longer than five years in spite of its flaw in regards to dulling teeth because only the heaviest of weed users will use it regularly enough within a three to five year span to really dull out the teeth. It’s nice and “cheap” in the sense that you’re getting more of a steal than a bargain with its high-quality construction and multiple customization options. There’s not much to hate about this grinder, in short.

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