Space Case Grinder Review

space-case-reviewThis is quite the renowned brand of weed grinders, truth be told. Maybe not of “all time” in light of its competition, but it’s certainly a top notch name in the grinder field for sure. The grinder market just wouldn’t be the same without the Space Case brand around. In our opinion it is simply the best grinder you can buy today.


As far as grinders are concerned, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that’s better than the Space Case Grinder. What it brings to the table is quality grinding action characterized by precision and quantifiable results. What’s more, it’s coated in titanium and aerospace-grade aluminum, which ensures it will last, rust-free, for a long, long time. It most certainly is a worthwhile buy since it’s the cream of the crop in its field. It comes at a lofty price, though, so brace yourself.


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The Space Case difference is this: Superb construction with components that are made only from the finest materials around. The special titanium-hard anodized finish makes these Space Case products tougher and more heavy duty than it’s purely aluminum competition.


If you want a grinder that won’t fall apart on you after a few uses, then the Space Case Grinder is the way to go. If you want a grinder that has the eye of the tiger and can go the distance and take the challenge of its rivals, then look no further than the Space Case brand. It grinds harder than the average grinder too, with its super-sharp teeth that never dulls out and are quite durable to boot. You’ll have to put a concerted effort to even dent or scratch this piece of grinding perfection.



 The Space-Case Grinder isn’t without its flaws. Even though it’s filled with features such as Teflon O-rings, strong magnetic lids, and a titanium finish to its aluminum construction, you will still get the common complaint of it being pricey evenamong its staunchest of supporters.


The Space Case Grinder can be quite expensive, but when you think about it, it’s not without due cause. It’s cost-effective in a sense that it brings the most bang for your buck or the most value to your investment. You should also watch out for fakes, since this gets a lot of imitators as well. You should always check if the “Space Case” brand is on the lid; that way, you know you’re getting the real deal when you buy it.



Quality comes at a price, but this review reassures that it’s a price worth paying for. You won’t be a space case for buying Space Case because it’s a grinder that’s truly proven itself and then some. It’s one of the best in the market today exactly because it’s filled with all sorts of features and specs that give it an edge (literally and figuratively) against its competition, from its strong magnets to its titanium coating over corrosion-proof aluminum. It lasts long and it even has sharpened grinder blades that make grinding a cinch. Thanks to the Teflon O-rings, the metals are protected from the wear-and-tear of friction after every grind. Your buds won’t have tiny shavings of aluminum dust mixed together with them either. It’s a smooth blend all throughout.

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